Friday, 21 November 2014

How to Care for Your Evening Bags

As you know, evening bags, clutches and purses are very necessary for ladies in social occasions. They are like another face of women displaying their female charming cooperating with women’s evening dresses, shoes, jewelries.
I believe every woman cherishes her beauty face as her life. They care a lot about their faces spending so lots of money on cosmetics and facial-cares. While do you know how to maintain your another face— evening bags, clutches and purses? Please do not have an idea that it is unnecessary to take care of them. Come to think that how much do your bags cost you one by one? Are you sure that you throw away one of them now just because it’s not new enough as you don’t look after it well, and never buy a similar one in future? So take good care of them and store them well, and you will find that you can not only save money, but also have a money choices before your evening party buy Wholesale Evening Bags!
In general, there are three practical methods about maintaining evening bags for you.
How to clean
Cleaning is the basic method. Some bags made from cloth like satin, silk, cotton can be washed or dry-cleaning directly while some made from faux leather, PU leather can be wiped gently only by a piece of half-wet soft cotton cloth. Of course, cleaning just the first step. Perhaps that satin, silk, cotton, faux leather, PU leather are the base component, there are still some decorations made from special materials, like sequin, metal mesh, crystals and rhinestones. We can clean them by some dry cloth simply as we’ll do special treatment for them next.
How to handle specials
Maybe you have a misunderstanding that it will be really tedious and difficult to handle your Swarovski Crystal Evening Bags Wholesale special parts! It is redundant completely. Designers of brands of evening bags don't only take fashion style into their considering, but also other factors----suitable size to carry, of course easy maintenance. So be not worry about the special parts. Based on their materials they can be easily handled. Faux leather and PU leather----half-wet leaning and polishing, sequin and metal mesh----dry cleaning with soft cloth and polishing with wax, crystal and rhinestones----cleaning by dry soft cottons and packaging.