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Be the first one to know “TOP TEN most popular evening bags brands”

If you try to search on google, there will be a lot of websites and blogs listing different “Top 10 Best designer handbags”, but in this article, we are not talking about designer handbags but “Evening Bags Clutches”. Please also note that we are not talking about the most expensive evening clutches, but the most “Popular” brands.
A brand is famous does not always equate that it is one of the most luxurious but that doesn’t also mean that they’re cheap either. In fact, some of these popular Evening bag brands and evening bags manufacturers are not quite known, for me that is. Unfortunately, we won’t know this unless we belong to the society of the richest or in the cycle of evening bags industry. Yes, we know most of us can’t afford some expensive evening clutches, but “fashion is about inspiration”, Right? So, with the help of the modern technology that we call internet, we’d narrowed all the resources by alexa and many designer shopping sites.
Luckily, here we feel honored to be the first one to introduce you “TOP TEN most popular evening bags brands”.

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

HungHEE Classify All the interesting styles of Evening Bags currently on the markets to 12 different kinds

In many department stores, evening bag is usually classified by different colors, such as black, gray, white, silver, gold, yellow, red, pink, green, blue, purple, orange;
If they also have on sale of designer evening bags, then evening bags also can be classified by brand, such as Alexander McQueen, Judith Leiber, Kate Landry, MG Collection, Urban Expressions etc.
Some shops classified evening bags by using different Seasons and occasions, such as: Classic, Fall, Pre Fall, Resort, Spring. There also have shops classified evening bags with Features and styles, such as: Chain Handle, Drawstring, Flap Over, Lightweight, Sequins & Beaded, Top Zip, and With Strap.
Of course, most of the shops are using different Materials for the classification, such as: Leather, Faux Leather, Metal, Satin, Silk.
Since as designers' OEM factory and clutch evening bag manufacturer, we cannot use the brands to categorize evening bag. So, our mainly classify the evening bags according to characteristic style and materials. 

HungHEE have found All the interesting styles of Evening Bags currently on the markets including 12 different kinds, if you want to know more, please check the link at

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

How the Evening bag appear in ladies life? The development and evolution of evening bags in history

Sophisticated ladies have been carrying Evening clutch purses on their elegant evenings out for decades. Beaded or leather, boxy or soft, there is no more perfect evening accessory--besides your date!
An evening bag is a handbag which is designed to be used during the evening at formal events and parties. The distinguishing feature of this type of bag is its size: most are capable of holding only a few items.
Evening bag is a woman’s last secret hiding place, full of mystery and wonder. The first Evening bag from evening bags supplier however had much more humble beginnings, probably made from a few skins and bone to carry your only possessions, it has now transformed into a portable boudoir of vanity.
Many evening bags are designed by Evening Clutch Bags manufacturer as clutches, meaning that they have no straps and they are meant to be held in the hand. Depending on the designer, a bag can be simple and understated, or outrageous, with elaborate beading, embroidery, or textiles. Many designers also create bags in a range of colors, ensuring that clients can find one which will accessorize appropriately with their dresses.

                                        Beaded fringe bag from the 1920s_ Photo from divelegant

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What will you do with your evening bags? How to use your evening bag at night and everyday life?

Evening Bags are women’s most favourite fashion accessories at night. When a woman goes out of the house to party, wedding or banquet, you certainly won’t see her without an evening bags and clutches.

For a more formal event, evening bags are used to hold only a few essential items, which are perfect for galas and formal events. Evening bags are best for events where you need your dress to shine and not have a bag that will overpower it.

In Movies of the Europe Renaissance, we can often see a beautiful woman dressed in a huge skirt with delicate handbag attended the Grand balls, dinners; and the exquisite small bag carry ladies of Rouge, lipsticks, perfumes, and handkerchiefs. Today, more fashion girls and women makes the using occasions of evening clutches more expansion, not only carrying evening bags from evening handbags manufacturers appeared in Grand of occasions such as wedding, and dinner; but also carry evening bags on weekday in free match; when you are in party, shopping and even work also can see the pretty figure of evening bags. Evening bag is essential to the stars walking the red carpet, the overall design become more Excellent and more Bright Gorgeous. So more and more fashion girls and ladies include evening bag in "must-buy" option.

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What is Evening Bag? How to define the Evening bags and Clutches?

Evening bag mainly used for banquets and other celebrations occasions, which is a small dressy handbag, richly decorated, carried by women for formal occasions in the evening, the container used for carrying money and small personal items or accessories.

Put on a gorgeous evening gown, matched with an evening bag, and appeared in an elegant dinner party, surely make you the star of the party. Evening bag filled with your lipstick, cell phones, credit cards and cash, and also carries your extraordinary nobility...

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